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In The Dark

June 7

Turned On.

If you lived all your life in a dark room,
would you even know to ask to turn on the lights?”
~ Martin Luther King, jr.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve grown “spiritually” over the last 3 days. I prefer now to call it “remembering” – I’ve begun to re-learn so much and this is only the beginning. I’ve been in the dark about what happens to us after we die – and I have Erik Medhus. his Mom, and his translator, Jamie B., to thank for turning the light switch on for me and helping me to see the truth.

If you paid attention to the radio broadcast I shared with you where I called in to speak with Erik Medhus on 5/5/2016 – a day I’ll not soon forget! – the “translator” (some call them a “medium”) named Kim B. was explaining Erik’s body language when I asked toward the end of my conversation about whether highly developed civilizations of the past evolved to the point where they were able to “graduate” into another dimension. Whether they were still on Earth but we just couldn’t see or hear them anymore. Kim said that Erik was “doing the thing you do to make a trucker honk their horn as you drive by them“. It must be a way Erik would communicate when he was still alive and it’s his expression for when he really agrees with something because I just saw him do it again! (The photo below is Erik’s mother, Elisa, on the left and Erik’s “translator”, Jamie B., on the right.)

Source: ChannelingErik Youtube Channel - 1/23/2015

Source: ChannelingErik Youtube Channel – 1/23/2015

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same.

I was just sharing some quotes with some people on Utube who needed some support trying to cope with the painful life they had been born into. These quotes were ones that really gave me strength over the years. These quotes helped me to identify with the strength I somehow had to find within myself in order to overcome the abuse I suffered as a child, or deal with the continued lessons I had chosen as a spirit to learn during my lifetime (I’ll share more on this topic in another post soon – it’s called a soul plan).

[Names redacted to protect the innocent] This is a reply by someone else to another person:  Im not okay right now but the life I escaped from was a hell unlike any other on earth. I was being tortured, raped, stabbed and burned and electrocuted. My brother didn’t escape like I did and watched it all happen…my captures mocked us and had no souls…would being happy or feeling something other then fear and extreme agony and embarrassment I could not escape from have been different” could it have changed when my heart hurt so badly and I had no where to go or feel? I dont know…I just…wish the memories would go away…

My Reply to the person above:  I started reading comments from the bottom, up this time instead of top down – so I replied to your comment below. I replied with sincerity so I hope you know it’s true. And I suffered just as you did as a child and can say exactly the same thing as Traci Leah did to you. We are in this together and just as Erik just said – we’re here to hold hands and walk each other “Home”. I consider myself the Lucky One because my 6 other siblings were not so lucky. Sure, I went through as much as they did but for some reason, I didn’t dwell on what happened. I used it to make me a stronger person – and I really allowed that quote “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” to absorb into my skin – deep down – until it reached the center of my soul and I LIVED those words. I let them heal me. Another quote that helped me was “Only when it’s dark enough can we see the stars” – by MLKjr. To me, we have to go through the darkness in order for the tiny lights of the stars to become visible. They’re still there in the daylight but we can’t see them. We have to be standing in the dark to notice them. It’s in the dark that we have to look upward. When we look up, we begin to notice there’s SO MUCH MORE out there than what we have going on in our tiny world – so much more than OUR OWN SELF. You have a chance to make things right and “if it’s to be, it’s up to me” is another quote I took to heart. Miracles happen when we begin to recognize and see our own strength. And it’s not until we realize that all we have left sometimes is our own strength that we truly appreciate how strong we are. I’m not on Facebook but I do have a website where I talk about some of the things that make me happy and stronger – and a survivor. You can find it at 3PercentGirl.com – Allow Erik to show you what you need to read and trust that he will help you through this. Sending you Hugs and Love, Leilani

In one of the quotes, I mentioned one of my favorites of Martin Luther King, Jr. – Only when it’s dark enough can we see the stars.

MLK,jr has been on my mind since then (6/4/2016). It was just moments ago that I came across another video of ChannelingErik on Utube that was a “suggested video” that I haven’t seen yet. [Reminder: There’s no such thing as “coincidence]  I’ve seen most of them but there’s still a few that I haven’t simply because I’m trying to digest so much information, I can’t swallow it all at once. As I got to the 7:34 minute mark in this interview, I knew I’d found another piece of evidence to prove that Erik is for realz! I’ve seen other bits and pieced scattered among all the information posted online from him and his mom, Elisa, but nothing really concrete – for instance, body language of Jamie B., the translator who worked with Erik for more than 5 years in each of the videos she’s been in on Utube. She’s the one who worked with him before Kim B. started this last January, 2016. I could tell by Jamie’s body language that she was actually talking and seeing “beings” in the room where she was talking to them. I was also familiar with some of the “beings” to the point that the way she described their gestures or exact words they’d use or clothing they wore was exactly as they would have behaved if they were still alive or if we’d seen them for the last time before they “crossed over” – or returned “home”.

There were things I picked up on that gave me clues about who Jamie was talking to – or the one time I saw her “trans-channel” Erik (share her body space with Erik so he could speak himself) and I picked up on what I call the “Gemini Shake” which is a nervous twitch most Gemini Rising signs share because they have so much nervous energy in their personality that it shows up as a “foot wiggle” when their mind is thinking at break-neck speed. It helps them, believe it or not, focus so they can think more clearly. It was within the same time frame that I learned Erik was indeed a Gemini Rising – which was just one more confirmation I needed, to confirm Erik is still alive and well, just not in the Earthly form we’re accustomed to seeing.

I’ve been studying astrology for 25 years and I’m at the point where I can tell you what someone’s Sun and Rising (Star/Ascendant) signs are just by asking a few simple questions about their likes and dislikes or their physical characteristics and their body behaviors. Each sign is unique and distinctive. Sometimes these characteristics show up in their emotional behavior which would give me clues as to what “moon sign” they are. We have certain predictable traits that we’re born with based on the time, location, and date of our birth. It’s true. We often mock what we don’t understand. As you learn more, and if you study something for that many years, you begin to know it from the inside out. And if you’re like me – a Virgo Sun – you pay attention to the details. Details are a trait Virgos are both admired and reviled for. Some Virgos can get so caught up in the details they get stuck and can’t move forward – mostly because they don’t understand what a Virgo is and therefore their attention hasn’t been on understanding why they pay so much close attention to detail. It’s those who understand this behavior who overcome it and use it to their advantage. In essence, these are the ones who free themselves. So I pick up on details that other signs would normally miss – such as the “trucker cheer” that Erik does naturally – and still does in the After-life.

For the record, Jamie lives in Atlanta, GA and Kim lives on a farm somewhere in Ohio. I haven’t spoken or interacted with either one of them. And the only communication I’ve had with Elisa, Erik’s Mom, is what I’ve posted on the ChannelingErik.com Blog site. The following video Interview of MLK,jr was uploaded to Utube on January 23, 2015. My radio broadcast was done on May 5, 2015 and uploaded to Utube on May 6, 2016 – almost a year and a half apart and translated by two different people. Enjoy what M.L. King, jr. has to say about our current state of affairs, after his death.

Note: The interference in the recording of the interview is often caused by the electrical energy of spiritual beings, and since more beings gathered to hear MLK, jr speak, it’s not a surprise to me that it got worse toward the end as more and more heard the news he was giving an interview. What happens in the After-life seems to be similar to how things happen here – news travels fast!

Do You Believe? I’m here to switch on the light for you!

Moo D

June 5

When you really think about it…

Moo D _ Amazing How Quickly quote 060516

… especially when that one person is yourself.

I just listened to another “topic discussion” from Erik Medhus. I think I’m becoming his Number 1 Fan. I know he’s got a bunch of groupies but I seriously ADORE this guy. He’s doing so much to help others. It goes way beyond helping people overcome grief from the loss of a loved one. He’s really reaching out and trying to touch the heart and soul of what’s ailing humans on this planet – And he has a message to share with anyone within the sound of his voice. What is it? It’s whatever message you need to hear. It could be several messages. It could just be one that’s been elusive to you for a long time now. It seems to me that whatever you seem to be missing, Erik has a way of knowing what it is you need to hear.

As for me, I got to actually sit down today and have a conversation with Erik – Yes, the dead guy I told you about here (You can find lots more links to Erik and who he is on that page) and here – and a few more places on this website in the last month – you can read the entire month of April 2016 and it’ll help you understand just who Erik is. I think I’m going to have to make him a Page under the center section of my website because everything he talks about in his “topic discussion” is information I think Everyone needs to hear. I hate to keep that awesome knowledge all to myself. I want to share it with the world! And most importantly, anyone reading this website. I hope you can grow to appreciate the wisdom Erik has to share, just as much as I do. It’s funny for me to think about it – because just a couple of months ago, I wouldn’t have openly admitted to anyone that I talk to a dead person. It’s because of Erik that I discovered this is something I’ve been doing most of my life and that it’s natural for anyone to do it and the world needs to know he – and many just like him – do indeed exist. They’re just as real as you and I. The only difference is, Erik can be in more places at once and he knows way more now than he did when he was alive, but he’s still the same funny, kind, and lovable guy he was before. And he truly wants to help people. He feels our pain and our suffering and he knows that much of what we go through, we bring it on ourselves because we don’t know any better. He wants to set the record straight and spread the truth far and wide – even if it takes an eternity. He’s hoping that it doesn’t but as more and more people, like myself, speak up and treat death and the After-life with the dignity it deserves and stop fearing it, the better our world will be. It’s not a secret anymore. He’s here to break down walls and remove barriers and I hope I can be a small part of that by speaking up as my confidence grows. I’m human after all :)

As I listened to him talk in this Utube video today (6/4/2016 – posted below), I kept saying to myself “Yup. Yup. So True. Yup.” There wasn’t anything I disagreed with. The only thing I’d say is that those who are listening to it need to re-listen to what he’s saying because if you’re unhappy, it’s going to take a while – repeatedly – to sink in. If you’re happy, like me, you’ll be shaking your head “Yes” and trying to think of ways you can share the video with as many people as you can.

Happy is As Happy does.

When I started writing on this website 6 years ago, I was still puzzled why I, out of all of my siblings and all the Hell I’d been exposed to as a child and all of the shit that I’ve still had to go through as an adult, Why was I so Happy? Seriously. Why did I still walk around with a smile on my face when I had so much to be angry, resentful, bitter, unhappy, and miserable about? Why, when I’m at work, do my co-workers nickname me “Smiley” because they always see me walking around with a smile on my face? Why does a total stranger tell me not to walk out in the rain because I’m so sweet I’d melt when I pass by him as I’m walking out of a Post Office? Why have I been told in the past on a number of occasions that I “light up a room” whenever I walk in it? These are all things I never noticed about myself. After all, I was just being myself. I still don’t know what made me a 3-Percent Girl but I do know that everything Erik says in this video on “How To Find Happiness” is true – for me. Listen to it and see if there’s something that rings true for you. Maybe there’s a little nugget of gold truth that will help you find happiness if you haven’t already. Psssst… Happiness just told me that they’d be thrilled if you found them! So stop ruminating over it and get on with your bad self!

Anita’s Sweet Love’n

June 4

Anita _ Sweet Love _ Umbrella Rain

Dancing in the Rain

I’ve been walking around with a song by Anita Baker called “Sweet Love” playing in my head, almost non-stop, for a week now. It’s not a bad thing. Her voice is like velvety smooth milk chocolate. The kind you can fall in love with over and over again – no matter what the weather. I’m lucky that I can just summon a song at random and have it play in my head. Life could be much worse! I don’t hear voices. I hear music. 

Here’s Anita making it rain.


She also has another beautiful song called “Body and Soul” – Enjoy!

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Me on my 10th birthday ~ A very sad day

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

~ Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)

Knowing that I am about to take a journey of a thousand miles doesn’t make writing this any easier. I am about to share with you things I haven’t made public until now. I have only talked about these things with a few people I have allowed to get close enough to me over the years. I have a lot of friends but I didn’t make really good, true friends until I was much older. Growing up, life was very difficult for me. I was subjected to abuse, neglect, and things no child should have to suffer through.

I am number 7 of 8 children. Only 7 survived; 6 girls and 1 boy. They are all my half-siblings and I have another brother from a step-mother on my dad’s side. My real dad died in a car accident when I was 6 but my parents had divorced long before that. Practically from the moment I was born, my life has been a living miracle. I was raised by my grandmother, “Mrs. B” as everyone called her, for most of my life. It was the time spent with my mother that can fill the pages of a novel and which has brought me to this site, to share my life with all of you reading this.

I have often been told by those who know me and hear my story that I should write a book about my life. I have kept a journal for 31 years and consider it my therapy and believe it’s one of the reasons I have been able to deal with the demons in my past as well as I have. I guess, in a way, by writing about my experiences here, I am finally writing that book. And I am willing to share with you a lot of the things that happened but what I am not willing to share are the specific methods used to torture me as a child since I vowed to myself long ago that I would never disclose that information. I don’t want anyone reading my words to get any ideas on how to torture a child without leaving a mark.

It’s an epidemic in our society ~ One that I believe has gotten much worse since I endured it. Even though I managed to live through all of it, I have often wondered how I managed to turn out so different than my siblings ~ That one in eight ~ who went on to break the cycle of abuse, thrive, live a healthy life, and arrive at a place where I can talk about it with all of you. How is it possible that I didn’t turn out to be a criminal or an abuser? How is it possible that I have managed to be “normal” when my mother and siblings aren’t? How is it possible that I was able to move on and not dwell on what happened? How is it possible for me to talk about it now? And above all, why am I so happy?

I was told by my grandmother (my mother’s mother, Mrs. B.) that I was barely three months old when she and her husband, my grandpa Warren, drove from Idaho to an orphanage in California “to get me” and my siblings. She said they waited and waited for what seemed like hours “for the women to bring me out”. She said she didn’t think they were going to let her have me – that I had already been adopted out and they were too late – until finally one of the women brought me to my grandmother and explained that they couldn’t find any clothes for me to wear and that was the reason for the delay. To hear that I was laying in a crib naked, at three months old, somewhere in an orphanage in California, makes me shudder to this day. Of course, I was too young to remember that.

What I do remember is how happy I was while living with Mrs. B. ~ a “brown-purse-carrying-woman” who only “graduated” from the 8th grade (Girls weren’t encouraged to go beyond that grade in school during the time period she grew up in).  Undeterred by this, she managed to own her own restaurant during one time in her life. She was an amazing woman who lived to be 88 years old and whose words still echo inside my head every now and then when I am searching for wisdom ~ some of the pearls I will be sharing with you.

I’ve always felt like I was lucky and blessed throughout my life. I just didn’t realize how lucky I was until I heard Country Music Singer, Jimmy Wayne, say that only three-percent of kids who are exposed to abuse and neglect grow up to “survive and thrive” (as I call it), becoming productive members of our society ~ I didn’t realize I was a “Three-Percent Girl” until February 5, 2010. I still cannot get the words out of my head. It has taken me a month to overcome the tears and sadness and overwhelming shock I felt when I realized I was only one of THREE-percent. Three lucky pennies who have managed to pay back to society what others have lost.

This site will go on to live long after Jimmy has finished his walk from Nashville, TN, to Phoenix, AZ (Began Feb. 2010. Ended Aug. 2010). I am going to be sharing with you not just what happened to me as a child, but also talk about my mentor, Fred, who is a HUGE reason I believe I survived and became such a well-rounded individual and I will be giving him an opportunity to write, in his own words, what it was like to be a mentor to me and how that happened. I am going to share with you my thoughts as I look at the world through the eyes of a three-percent girl, including articles, statistics, resources, experiences I’ve had in the past, such as volunteer work I’ve done, as well as since Jimmy has begun his Project Meet Me Halfway campaign. I’ll be sharing some of the fun things I do every day, including some of my recipes, pictures, and ideas. And of course, some good laughs (because those of you who know me from Twitter, know I can hardly keep a straight virtual face!) and since I’m an environmental scientist, I will be talking about the environment ~ which, surprisingly, ties in very neatly with the problems we are having in our world today with teen homelessness and the mission that brought Jimmy and I together, on the same path, where our two worlds collided and helped you and I meet on Twitter (something I knew nothing about until 2 months ago! [Late Dec. 2009]).

[Written Mar. 9, 2010]  I am new to managing my own website as well, so forgive me if it takes a little while for me to figure it out – I’ve been on a crash course for a few days now. I also encourage you to post a comment – which will be hidden until I can decide how to best manage them – if you have questions. I will be happy to answer them or find the answers for you and post them in upcoming blogs. I hope this will be a two-way channel of communication since I truly believe the only way we can change the epidemic is through education and communication.

This website is a view into my world as a 3-percent Girl ~ A way of sharing with others my past, my present, my thoughts, my questions, my answers, and my adventures. It’s my desire that in some small way it may save a life or inspire “hope”.  Therefore, I hope you enjoy the walk with me… into my future

~ Leilani (who considers herself a VERY lucky girl!)

P.S. For those of you who have stumbled upon my page and want to learn more, click on the hyperlinks I’ve provided in my pages and they will guide you to more resources. Just click the back arrow on your web browser to return to my site. Don’t forget to bookmark my page too! Thanks for visiting and I hope we can one day share a cup of coffee, some good laughs, and a great conversation, face-to-face.

Hope is a waking dream” ~ Aristotle


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